“Perhaps, the most important part of life is interest. From an interest, dramas and natural musicality will be born in which every human being becomes the character as well as the director.” 

What is interest?
Interest is something that is based on every object to attract the object to be a profitable part for oneself or it could be in this case groups, classes and organizations.

Why does a person need interests?
Interests in life are like a bridge that connects one place to another flexibly, between the desire to make it manifest.

How are the interests going?
Almost every interest uses dirty ways that are full of deception in it, for example by making up stories, being withdrawn from being involved in every object of discussion and playing throwing questions in an effort to protect themselves.

How do you recognize someone with interests?
Usually a person will talk a lot, tend to secure himself as a topic of conversation, direct the conversation to get out of question and get used to talking behind other people's backs.
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